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The Minnesota branch was founded on October 29, 1927.


Memberships are awarded based on the proof of credentials that prove the candidate to be a professional artist of the avenues of the arts Art, Letters and Music. 

We, the Minnesota Pen Women, have made it our mission to promote the arts by supporting programs in our community, inviting artists into our meetings, and by offering programs that help the arts thrive. And we happily invite female artists into our midst, members, if they meet the criteria to become a member or guests to our meetings. 

We meet once a month, in person or via ZOOM. 

A little history of the Pen Women

The National organization was founded in 1897


NLAPW Headquarters, the historic Pen Arts Building

The National League of American Pen Women, Inc. (NLAPW)  was founded in 1897 when women journalists were not permitted to join male-only professional organizations. The League became a professional organization for women writers, artists and composers, where they could be recognized for their talents.

We are proud of the NLAPW headquarters, The Pen Arts Building and Art Museum, and its place among other historic buildings in Dupont Circle, a popular tourist destination in Washington, D.C.

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